On a happy note

We won the soccer game for the third time in a row with a pretty good score!


Pessimism or Realism?

I have come to realize that I hate many things. Like some people in this world, I see many things in a negative light, and always criticize/analyze everything. I don’t know why, but more and more I am hurting with my whole existence over what is happening with this planet and humanity. The planet is slowly turning into a big garbage bin. I just cannot find a reason to be optimistic about this system, about this consumerist society, in which human values of love and respect come after self-benefit. It is truly sad that corporate social responsibility is only a camouflage for the exploitation of peoples and people. It is truly sad that many think this is a healthy society with competition driving progress. It is also truly sad to realize that many know that everything is a big political game, but it is still played. One may ask why? Because there is no way out. The world is slowly driven to increase the tensions between each of us. I really liked the idea of constructivist communication though. I wish everyone just talked and listened to each other. There are a lot of us, those who think this is not going to end well if we do not do anything. But we do not listen. We take accounting instead of human rights. We take business administration instead of environmental studies. We run corporation instead of picking up garbage. We make money by taking it from those who need it the most. The problem is everyone needs it the most. Total equality is obviously unattainable, but we can work to make each other more successful. The amount of stress we’re going through every day reduces everyone’s chances of becoming something they’ve dreamed of. Others dream about becoming corporate leaders. They teach their kids to think the same way. We run transportation networks, whose only positive aspect is the reduced time it take you to get to places. Other than that it is a waste of air, raw materials and lives, because hundreds of people die every day, due to accidents. When we buy things, we are ready to cut each other’s throats just to get that discount. Relationships go to hell because there are very few things you can do in this society with your loved ones without spending money that you do not have. Hence come credit cards. Hence comes debt and bankruptcy, starvation and homelessness, misery and suffering. Soon your loved ones become people you want to forget. And all this is filled with tiny little things, the things we try to enjoy as possible, because we know that tomorrow will be another day when we have to do something we hate. Nevertheless, there are tons of people who do not care about the bigger picture. They are happy and I am happy that some of us are able to enjoy this world, whether it is out of ignorance or simply the realization that alone we are helpless against it. I don’t know how to change the world, but I’m really thinking on it. I really am. I hope one day I come up with something that does not require more human sacrifices. I wish I could come up with a model that would satisfy everyone. I’ve lost my chance to be in this capitalist society of the West. I’ve lost the love of my life. I only have myself. I will be fine, as long as there is the Sun, the earth, water and air. I will be fine even through all the shit I have to deal with every day, customers, strangers gives me so much headache. My pain over the future of this planet will live, but I will be fine. I will try to be better than all those that I so dislike. I will try to give as much as I can to our common future!

Vultri.org and PileofShots.com

So these are two startups. Vultri.org is my new design studio. From now on I am officially creating websites of different complexity and content. Hope it does bring some return :) “Pile of Shots” is another website, which will be free image hosting and possibly something like Flickr (not as cool of course, nothing can be cooler). Depending on the amount of time and visitors I have, I will try to provide the top quality service for anything I start. I also have a couple of more ideas about potential projects.

First decisions :) Webhostingpad.com

Seems like the optimal option for me. There is only one BUT. No domain names from them :) I need to actually OWN mine ;)

Ubuntu 8.10

Time to play with this baby :) Awwwwwwwhhh yeeaaahhh!!!

CMS, portal system, etc.

The plan is to create a very light, performance oriented expandable system. Top priority! :)

PDF to Text + PHP

I have had a little project at work. The task is to convert a .pdf file into plain text, and then cut some parts out of the text to use them in my database. Well, the hardest part of it all was that I had to use PHP to do it. I had been looking for a conversion tool, but never really found anything. FPDI did not do what I needed, so I came across xpdf. I had to use “exec()” function of PHP to perform the conversion, but the output turned out to be very messy. So after some manipulations with the text I managed to convert almost all breaks. How much time I am going to spend on trying to “preg_match” the whole text for the stuff I need, I don’t know. I am sure it is not going to be easy, since it is not even HTML with all its tags and stuff. The thing is the conversion output format strictly depends on how the document was formatted in pdf. Well, according to my .pdf file, the creator was way far from publishing. Oh yeah, the tool is called pdftotext and is a Windows executable. However the package is distributed under many operating systems, so everybody can find a suitable package.